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  1. Thanks for the quality report! I hope to get out this weekend for both the yellow bellies and a morning troll. BTW, where is this Rocky Gap you speak of?
  2. Nice Job! Thanks for the report. I plan on heading out this morning.
  3. I also used the Simple Green, and it works well. It worked miracles on my carpet too!
  4. Billy Joe, That was my first thought. I thought I'd just get an LED bulb to replace the 1157 old style filament bulb. So, I bought a 8led bulb and replaced it with the 1157 yesterday, and it was dangerously dull. I'm returning them today.
  5. Thanks for all the input guys. I thought it was the way to go, but wanted to see everyone else's experience first, and since it's unanimous I'll be ordering some tonight. The closest dimensions to my current light seem to be the Optronics brand. Will these do the trick??? http://www.etrailer.com/p-STL56RB.html
  6. I've grown tired of carrying extra incandescent bulbs and having the filaments constantly go bad, so am considering a switch over to some LED trailer lights. Also, the incandescent bulbs are very hard to see during the day, and was hoping the LED would be more visible. What I'm wondering is...does anyone have the LED Trailer Lights and what do you think of them? I imagine they would last longer without having to worry about filaments going bad, and that they would also be brighter. Thanks for any input guys...
  7. I did 8 Okuma's last winter. It's not very difficult, just takes some time.
  8. Alright guys, Mr. Mull's recent article got me thinking about what to look for when locating Steelhead. So, let's talk deciding factors or indicators you look for to dictate where you will anchor up on a river for Steelhead. I am familiar with all the set ups and such for Steelhead, just not so sure where I am supposed to look for them. I've fished the Joe below Berrien a few times last fall and had some limited success. In the past, it seems I've anchored in some of the deeper runs close to wood and pretty close to shore. What does a prime piece of realty look like? What do you look for in a spot before you drop the anchor? Thanks guys!
  9. I use Cabela's brand 20lb Flurocarbon Line for the leaders on my leadcore and copper rods, which is generally a 25-30 foot leader. For retying flies, and for connections from my dipsy to my spoon or flasher fly, I use the more expensive fluorocarbon leader material in a heaver lb test (30-40lb) I can't say what type of difference it makes, as this is always how I've done it now for 4 years. I will tell you there is no way in he** I would use the expensive leader material on the end of a leadcore line with how much it costs.
  10. Do you guys get a lot of false releases with setting the lure tension on the release really light? The reason I ask is I have been using the blacks, and like mine a little on the tight side. I always thought that the release is what sets the hook on the fish, and if there's little tension when the fish hits you might not get a solid hook set. Of course, the downside to my logic is you drag some shakers from time to time without knowledge.
  11. I like the idea of those spinners from rvrfshr, as far as adding the small ball bearing swivel at the eye of the spinner to reduce/eliminate line twist. Previously had been adding a 2-3 foot fluro leader connected with ball bearing swivel, because I do not like adding the snap swivels to the spinner.
  12. Looks like it would catch fish to me. This is my favorite from Mepps. They look very similar!
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