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  1. Yah, I noticed those wind forecasts. Far from ideal conditions. If this wasn't one of my only opportunities to go I'd probably just reschedule. What type of waves do you think that will kick up? Might end up just being a casting for walleye rather than trolling. I can only imagine how big of a pain it's going to be for boat control.
  2. Treblemaker, I'll keep that offer in mind, I've already got a full boat for friday night though. Which isn't much in my 16' smokercraft. I'll report afterwards and let ya know how my first trip was. Do you know if there is a good perch bite going on anywhere near there? I was debating of going back out on muskegon sat. morning for perch. thanks..
  3. Thanks for the reply. It might not be the best time for a trophy, but the best time i have to fish for one. I haven't been out lately and won't have much opportunity in the future, so any time i can get out is great, whether fishing is great or not. I'm surprised that you say inland lakes are around 50degrees. I figured they would be much cooler than that. I'll definately have to mix the usual pause into the troll, see if it can't trigger any fish. Have you ever fished Muskegon lk. at night?
  4. Hello All, I plan on doing some night fishing this weekend. I have never done it before and would like to hear what others do. This is my plan. Let me know if you think it would be successful, and if you do things different or not. I will be fishing with 15lb power pro on 7ft spinning rod. Lures will be original floating rapalas jointed and not, Husky Jerks, and X-raps. I will be using the electric bow mount, and attempt to follow steep break lines that extend off large flats into deep water. Target depth will be 8 ft to 12 ft. Trolling speed will be just fast enough to get the lure wobbling. I will only be using one rod, and it will be in my hand. I plan to arrive at the boat launch around 4pm to go out and scout a few spots and get some waypoints on my gps before dark. So, let's hear it. Whats your most effective approach to the elusive trophy walleye at night?
  5. Just like 1 maniac said. I truly belive lures are meant to catch fisherman and not fish. the popular lures i have had have caught fish. Double orange crush, monkey puke, and so on. But being from a 16 fishing foot boat, obvibously my options are limited, and i have never had a problem catching fish when the fish are around. Just yesterday I looked in my box and saw a bloody nose spoon and realzed i had not even fished it since last year. I put it down and still didn't catch anything. But as 1maniac said, ibelieve lures are meant to catch fisherman, not fish. I don't even know how much colors matter. I just believe in order for lure manufacturers to sell lures they have to have a hotlure, and I don't believe in it too much.
  6. Boy, I sure am glad I checked this before I went to sleep. I was out there from 3 to 8 today and it was pretty roooougghhh...A few, Hold ONS!
  7. Well, I'm not exactly the guy that beats his equipment up all week. But, i have two of the firewolf about 8'6" i think. M action. I got 20reels on em and use for my riggers. only other rods i have are the okuma classic pro i think. the cheap ones. and i can definately tell a difference in quality. Like i said, i haven't really pushed the rods to the limit and gave em a good test, but i definately like them more than the classic pros by okuma. where are they on sale at?
  8. I just gotta check with my fishing partner and make sure he's still available this weekend and I'll be sending in my money. If you could pm me address and who it's payable to, etc. thanks.
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