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  1. Neil also has used parts also for a cheaper price. He is a good guy to deal with. I've been there many of times
  2. It was a good time. Thanks mike for putting the pot luck together and the big fish tournament. The food was great and the laughs were plentiful. I think Caz needed more beer though.
  3. Fished Ludington this weekend. Thank you Dirty Dog for coming along this was the best trip so far this year. Friday night left peirheads at 9:00 pm. Ran to 100 fow and set up strait out of the peirs. Trolled northwest and went 4/7 kings mostly on moonshine lures off riggers 60-105 down. Saturday left peirs at 6:45am and went 11/13 two steelhead and nine kings. When it was cloudy blues worked well and during the sun orange colors with a little bit of green worked great. Dipseys with Meat and riggers also. Done fishing by 8:30am. Saturday night Left peirs at 5:30 and went 11/15. 9 kings, 1 coho,1 steelhead. At one time my eight rod set up was wiped down to 1 rod in about ten minutes. Had a quad on in that time, and landed all four!!! Same program was ran from the morning and worked with meat rigs catching half of our fish. was done fishing by 8:30pm. Sunday went 9/10 nine kings that the smallest weighed 12 pounds and the largest being 20 pounds. Left peir heads at 5:00am and was done fishing at 8:00am. It was rough out there waves made things tough. Ran meat and mag mixed veggie off riggers and wire divers. Overall caught a total of 31 kings, 3 steelhead and 1 coho. All of these fish were caught strait out in waters from 180-340fow.
  4. Fished last night out of South Haven with Ditry dog and our wifes. Went 8/11 fishing in waters from 85 to 100. When you found the bait the fish came right after. Rigs that worked were meat on wire divers set at 2 240 out, Purple/white camo on full cores, moon shine and J plugs on riggers down 80. Although it was a little bumpy out there last night the fishing was good. The best troll was south. Fished till 10 pm, would of fished longer but the wifes were ganging up on us. NO WIN SITUATION!!!!!!!!!
  5. I keep my brine simple. I smoke fish with hot smoke produced from a white oak and maple fire. I usually do 30 to 70 pounds of salmon in one batch. I use 5 gallons of water, enough of koshar salt to float an egg( usually 5 pounds), 2 pounds of brown sugar, .25 cup of onion powder and .25 cups of garlic powder. I'll smoke the fish at 180 degrees till it starts getting dry and starts to carmalize and gets firm( it seems that people like the drier fish than the mushy and oily fish). One day I brought at least fifty pounds of fish to work and it was torn up by the assembly ladies in about 5 hours, they love it, can't get enough!!!!!!
  6. Remington 11-87 with a hastings canteliver rifle barrell. leopold 3 by 9. =TACK DRIVER For fun I use my browning BPS 10 gauge. 1.75 ounce slugs. It's pretty impressive seeing that kill.
  7. I've seen too many deer wounded from bow and arrow. Deer can be killed everytime with a good placed arrow,bow hunters need to have better judgement before they let that arrow fly. When I bow hunted I would never think of taking a shot over 30 yards.
  8. I do alot of waterfowling. I hunt every season michigan has to offer. I also go to North Dakota every year for ten days which usually becomes a fethery blood bath. I love the moto " If it flies, it dies"
  9. I work at Humphrey Products in Kalamazoo. I am a maintenance electrician. I'm a waterfowler and fish the big lake whenever time permits.
  10. It's too bad that Walt could not make the trip. He was probably very disappointed.
  11. I'll be up there fishing,but not in the tournament. I plan to fish thursday night to sunday night. Hope the fishing is good. If I hear you on the radio I'll give a shout.
  12. I'm going to manistee next weekend. Can anyone give me any tips on where and what color spoons work well. I'll be fishing this blind and would like some info. This will be greatly appreciated.
  13. We places somewhere mid to upper in weight in the weight class. We ended up around 19 pounds and the winner had around 32 pounds. I don't think we did too bad considering we had more fish than some of the charter pro's. Fishing just plain sucks now. Better fishing days to look foward to.
  14. Fished a south haven steelheaders tournament with Dirty Dog and my neighbor. Left peir heads a little past 6:00 then we motored north just a little short of mount baldy.Set lines around 7:30 on a southerly troll between 90fow to 125 fow. Had first hook up around 8:30 kept pulling board out on the full core with 3 ounces of lead in front of the core( stinger NBK Mag) = Lost fish. Next fish around 9:30 same rig, 6 pound king. Next fish, 6 pound steelhead on 2.5 colors with Brads thin fin. Final fish 5.5 pound pooper( That took first place for Lake trout) on half core with a Stinger possibly. Over all Fishing was really slow. Due to the water being 47 to 51 steelhead were being caught close to shore. Bigest Steelhead that was caught in the tournament was 13 pounds. Thanks Dirty Dog for crewing with me today! Just pray to the fish gods that fishing will be better soon.
  15. Not a problem I had a great time. You can crew up with me anytime you want also.
  16. The only thing I have found out about my 339df Is that it takes sometime up to 5 minutes for it to find it's posistion. Even last Friday morning when it was the thickest fog I have ever been in and the GPS found it's posistion in about two minutes then never lost it at all. My unit is even under the bimini top.Over all I like this unit. I have not really had any problems to think of.
  17. Thanks again Dirty Dog. Does anybody know how far down those wires were going at 1.5 with a mag ring set back at 400? I'm thinking at least 120. Anybody else have an idea?
  18. Thanks again Mark. I had a good time and you are welcome aboard anytime you want to go out of South Haven.
  19. Those little man eating housefly looking flies no not like 100 percent deet!!! Only problem with deet is that it is not good for fishing line and that sort of polymers
  20. I have two walker manuals and one walker electric and one scotty. If I had to do it all over again Scotty it would be. Fastest downriggers I've ever used.
  21. Thank you very much Dirty Dog for having me out. I had a great time and the weather was perfect. Thanks again!
  22. Where are some good areas to fish manistee in late June:confused:
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