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  1. Okuma Leadcore Combos All of these combos are high speed Convector reels on GLC Classic Pro 8ft 6in Rods prices listed below I have 2 of each of these, I am located in Ludington 1-3 Colors on Convector 30 5-7 Colors on Convector 45 10 Colors on Convector 55 1 Color backed with 20lb Suffix Superior $80/Combo 2 Color backed with 100m of 50lb braid then 30lb Suffix Superior $85/Combo 3 Color backed with 100m of 50lb brain then 30lb Suffix Superior $90/Combo 5 Color backed with 150m of 50lb braid then 30lb Suffix Superior $100/Combo 7 Color backed with 250m of 50lb braid then 30lb Suffix Superior $110/Combo 10 Color backed with 150m 50lb braid then 30lb Suffix Superior $120/Combo
  2. I agree with the above anglers, Okuma Fishing makes great gear for a good price. I use Coldwaters on my charter vessel and love them. I started with Convectors, which provided 10 years of flawless service. Either one will not fail you. Remember to put 10 or more feet of mono on the reels before you spool on the wire to prevent slipping.
  3. The working inner components in a coldwater are not interchangeable with a convector, I like to tinker. 1 Tuna can fix almost anything. 2 you should be able to find coldwaters on walmarts website super cheep, BTW Okuma gives you the most bang for the buck in rods and reels, their Classic Pro rods are fantastic for next to nothing
  4. Early for walleye and browns, 12 lb. Mid May I get heavier, running 20 on my spoon rods and 30 on my attractor rods. Bang for the buck I have found that Suffix Superior is worth at least double its sticker price. I have never broken it.
  5. Hi Rob, I do alot of jumper fishing. The reports out of Ludington and Manistee are blah. The fish are about 8 miles out of Ludington and 15 out of Manistee. Both ports have a butt load of baitfish out front where the fish are. A big west wind is going to be neccessary to bring these fish to shore.
  6. Yeck has a 40th aniversery spoon coming out that will be avialable at the shows this winter. Super glow wartfrog. I cant wait:D
  7. Fall Steelhead Tournament Invitation Ludington, MI Registration The third annual Michael's Fall Steelhead Classic will be held on Saturday, October 27. Prizes will be awarded for Steelhead trout caught during tournament hours. The entry fee for the tournament is 25.00 per person. This fee will include eligibility for all door prizes as well as dinner after the Tournament, complements of Michael's Bar and Grille. Entry fees may be paid at Michael's located at 129 W. U.S. 10 in downtown Ludington. All registration fees must be paid by 8:00 p.m. on Friday, October 26. All anglers are urged to attend a rules clarification meeting at 8:30 p.m. Friday, October 26. Rules 1. Fishing may begin at 12:00 a.m. on October 27, 2007 2. You may fish by any legal method anywhere in Michigan waters that are currently open to fishing at that time. Please refer to Michigan DNR fishing rules handbook available at any sporting goods store for legal fishing methods and open waters. 3. Weigh-in will be held in the back parking lot of Michael's Bar and Grille between 4:00 and 4:30 p.m. on October 27. No fish will be weighed before 4:00 p.m. or after 4:30 p.m. Awards ceremony and dinner will take place directly afterward inside Michael‘s. (We'll probably hang around for a beer or two afterward!) 4. Cash prizes will be determined by weight of fish entered. Length, then girth will serve as tiebreakers. 5. Each participant may weigh only one Steelhead. 6. The amount and number of cash prizes paid will be determined by the number of participants. 7. The Tournament Committee will be responsible for all necessary decisions and those decisions will be final. 8. If you choose to fish from a boat everyone on the boat must be registered for the tournament. 9. If you are fishing with a group of people, you may not share fish. We would like to thank our friends an Michael's Bar and Grille, Pere Marquette Sporting Goods and Yeck Lure Company for all their help putting this together. We hope you all have a safe and productive day of fishing and most importantly have fun. Good luck and we'll see you at the weigh-in. __________________
  8. This is a voucher I won at the Budwieser pro am last weekend. I am willin to sell it for well below it's retail value since I am a captain and just don't want to fish on my day off. The charter will be with Pier Pressure Charters, and Capt. Mark Chamura. Make me an offer through private message if you are interested in this trip.
  9. The Heckler is Leaving for Manistee tomarrow any and all of my friends from this site are more than welcome to stop by the municipal marina and say hi and share info back and fro
  10. :Polecat: Team Heckler will be there to donate as always:eek: . The Gander draws an amazing feild of fishermen. Ludington is my home port and I have only been able to cash 1 check there do to the field of amazing anglers that show up for this event. See you there if you are fishing the tourney let me know I will always try to help out others.
  11. Yeah Barneys Was A Very Good Time! Oh Yeah The Fishing Was Ok Also
  12. I heard that was a good time last year. I am going to be in south haven though. maybe next year.
  13. This years Trophy Trout Bonanza will be held in Ludington Michigan on April 9 2006. This event offers something for every stle of fisherman. Trolling surf fishing and river action are all extreamly effective styles of fishing this time of year. So good luck I hope to see and meet some of you at the tourney. If you would like a copy of the tourney rules please feel free to post an inquiry here and I will get it out to you.
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