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  1. Don't want to store it for winter.
  2. Not a problem. It was good to have you guys along. I'll be fishing two to three time a week. You are welcome aboard anytime. Thanks guys!
  3. Fished South Haven 4/29. Went 6 for 8. Caught all kings but one of those greasy poopers. Fished from 60fow to 120fow. Best action was in 70 ish fow. Caught 2 kings off riggers 35 down on a Yeck glow monkeyshine mag. caught 1 king and one pooper off half cores with medium DW green icicle and DW monkey puke. Caught one king off full core with Yeck glow monkeyshine mag. One king off dipsy set on 2 180 back with blue chrome spindoctor with a blue dolphin fly. Had a strong offshore wind that made keeping boat inline a hard task. Lake got a little choppy as you went out further. Had a couple of greenies on board who were quite loud at first but got silenced as their faces turned green. The kings had alwifes packed in their bellies!
  4. I just finished this book. I purchased it from Mike. I started fishing lake michigan for perch as of last spring. As I was going to my perching grounds I decided to throw out some hot-n-tots on my steelhead rods and troll to my perching grounds. Well needless to say I was hooked when I caught a couple of steelies. I purchased a couple of Walker manuals from a guy from work and was using them with my bass rods. Whenever I hooked up I had to throw the 17 foot boat into neutral and have the fight of my life keeping an eye on the spool getting smaller and smaller by the second. Eventually I purchased downrigger rods and dipseys then leadcore. I hooked up with some of my friends who were seasoned fisherman of the big lake and learned alot of things to help me. Eventually I purchased a GLS 220 and now I'm hooked. When I read this book it opened my eyes to many things I would of never thought of. The things that Dan Keating does makes alot of sense. Group dynamic? is what I thought when I first looked at the index. Now after I read this chapter it made me think actually what your lures look like as if you were a fish looking up as you trolled by. This book covered everything you could think of. This is a great book and I would recomend anyone to read this book. I'm sure after reading this book and take recomdations that dan suggest it will help me catch more fish and open my eyes to different tactics. Mike I give this book a thumbs up!!!! Thanks, Larry:)
  5. I'm looking in buying a Lowrance 339C Dual Frequency Sonar/Internal GPS. Does anbody have any feedback on this unit? $699.00 is kinda pricey, and was wondering how good this unit is before spending the cash.
  6. I built a black light box last night. I went to Gander and purchased a 12 volt cig plug light. I cut up one of my old tackle boxes and inserted the light in the lid. Tell you what, that charged the lures perfectly. It was great!!!! It's nice to pick out the spoons you think you are going to use and stick them in the box. Open the box and you have a freshly charged spoon everytime!
  7. Fished South Haven with my wife today. Went 1/1 (worst day so far this year) threw them everything I had. Caught only a king, which was a small one, on a super glow monkey puke DW on half core. Trolled north of peirs to south of nuker covering waters from 20fow to 100fow. Wife put the meaning of zig in zag!!!! Had a great time though. The small king had a deformed gill plate. Does anybody know how this happens? Last year I caught kings with the same problem. It was a beautiful day.
  8. Fished South Haven this evening. Fished out in front of peir heads for 55 fow to 100 fow. Went 6 for 7 on kings. Spoons that worked were stinger orangegasm, Ruby red DW, stinger blueberry muffin. All fish but one were on riggers other fish was on quarter core. Lake was glass. Had a doudleheader on sliders off the riggers. My buddy had a heck of a time trying to scramble to get to the back of the boat with a casted broken ankle. What a great time Biggest king was 10.7 pounds.
  9. Mike I want to buy one of those books from you. I'll give the money to Curt next week. Just give the book to curt when I give him the money.
  10. Thank you for coming along Mike. Fishing was a little slow, but it was a great day to be fishing. It's great to have people like yourself and ratcityhooker to come out and go fishing. Thanks again and thank you ratcityhooker. Larry
  11. By The Way Bouyees Are In BY THE NUKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Went out of south haven today and went 7 for 12. Trolled south from peir to the nuker. Caught 2 choho on thin fins off boards. Caught lake trout, king off diver with small j-plug. 1 king,2 choho off spin doctors on downriggers. GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  13. Has anyone been fishing south haven yet this year?
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