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  1. I purchased a Lowrance LMS339DF and really like it. It has Gps and sonar. It picks up thermo when the thermo is really defined. It's been really helpful and I feel naked without it.
  2. In your figures does that include the indians with their lovely fish nets?
  3. How are the Ice conditions around the area? I went fishing last night on a private lake and fell through the ice. I went up to my waist and was able to catch myself with my arms. I worked myself out and headed for home where my wife chewed me a new one. The lakes in my area are very bad due to the amount of snow we inquired. How are the lakes toward the center of the state?
  4. This will prevent any rubber band material from sticking to your line!!!
  5. That is when you have the drag engaged and you are trolling you will hear the spool clicking slowly letting itself out little bit at a time
  6. Drags creek quit a bit for dipsys. They work good for cores
  7. If that's going to happen I hope they have big children
  8. What a night!! This was a fun time. The food was plentiful and the laughs were constant. What else do you have to ask for? Thanks to CAZ for hosting this party. ( BTW GLF thanks for your money)
  9. If billy b of knee deep in pink doesn't fish he might feel left out. What could you do about this caz?
  10. My 16 foot sylvan boat when I purchased it from the original owner was Heavy Action Too. So when I purchased the Sea nymph GLS220 it had no name on it and Heavy Action sounded good. I have a Heavy Action and a Heavy Action Too( Will there ever be a Heavy Action 3 in the future?)
  11. Hope everyones stocking gets packed of your favorite lures!!!! Merry Christmas from the Kancauski's.
  12. I purchased my saftey vest from schantz supply in Otsego.
  13. I was just wondering how many successful hunters there was so far. I'm done for the season. I shot one doe and two eight pointers. The smaller eight pointer will be an european mount, and the other eight is a wall hanger!!!
  14. Let me know when and where and I try to make it.
  15. Ryno's taxidermy, You won't be dissapointed.
  16. There you Mike. That would be a good name
  17. You want to go perch fishing in my 16 foot Sylvan tomorrow?
  18. I called lowrance and told them my problem and they wanted me to send the unit to them. I just had the unit at my door as I returned from work today. They found a bunch of problems and they replaced the unit with no questions asked plus some free software. I love this graph and was not dissapointed with it's failure. It was good of Lowrance to get this back to me in only 1 weeks time.
  19. I have to admit this was a fun leauge to fish in. The group was just a bunch of people who love to fish and have a good time. I really enjoyed to fish this league and plan to come back next year. Thanks Caz you did a good job
  20. I just had my first problem with my lowrance 339df. When I was out fishing yesterday I was ready to pull lines then I noticed that my graph lost it's posistion. I turned it off then turned it back on and it won't go to the other pages. My sonar is not working anymore either. It seems to be locked up in the GPS page and wont exit. It's time to call Lowrance and replace it or fix it ( It's only 5 months old).
  21. Fished north out of south haven in waters from 65 to 80fow. Left peir heads at 6:00am. Went 9/11 mostly on riggers with blue bubble spinny and Gotcha Flies down between 45 to 55. Full cores worked with double crush glow spoons. It was a perfect morning and it was packed with boats.
  22. Sorry about the previous post, One of the guys on my boat told me wrong. He must of dropped out of eigth grade.
  23. Fished the tourney yesterday and placed 18th. Fished out of Saugatuck and went 6 for 9 in waters from 65 to 95fow. One fish off out rigger with grey gohst silver hord plug, 2 fish off full core with double glow cruch mag spoon,two fish on dipsy's with blue chrome with blue bubble fly, and one on meat off wire. My big fish was beat out by a little less of a quarter pound. It was a good tournemant and had a good time.
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