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  1. We will be getting the league back up and running soon. My scedule at work kept changing this past 3 months and I never knew from one week to the next what weekends I would be home. (I work out of state). I just got my final work scedule for the next 2 years this past week and Steve & I will get some dates put together and get them posted up. Mark
  2. Ok, Caz, I would like to make a pledge to this event to help you raise funds for this worthwhile charity.... Here is what I propose- I will donate personaly 2 cents per pound against the total pounds caught by every boat in this event. It does not sound like much, but if we can get every boat to match this pledge, it could be a total pledge boardering on $700-$1,100.00 net. If 35 boats brought to weigh in 50 lb of fish, everyone that pledged would pay $35.00for a net of $1225. (if my math is correct) towards a fantastic cause. Thoughts? Mark
  3. Here is a link to the Marina. http://www.fishermansway.com/home.html You can do Marnia application direct with them or send it to me and I will bulk pay them and collect back from you on Friday night. The rate they have given us is 30.00 per night to include the use of the fishcleaning station. I will need your application by 4/1 as I have to pay the harbor master 4/4. Mark
  4. This is the traditional Brown Blast that is the first event held each year over the last 4 out of St. Joe that pits the West Michigan League against the St. Joseph Fishing League. Even if you do not belong to ether of these leagues, you can still fish it as an independent being elgible for all the prizes. The prize for the winning leage is a traveling trophy. The weigh in is at the St. Joseph Boat House. While there, there will be a spoon swap and teh Coast Guard Aux will be conducting boat saftey inspections, and you will get your decal if you pass. Here is a link of the form that they will be using. it you follow that and pass yourself, you will have no issues passing the actual inspection. http://forms.cgaux.org/archive/a7012.pdf The rules of the game-------------- Launch and run at anytime, but lines in no earlier then 5:30am. Stop time is at 1:00 pm. Weigh in is at the St. Joseph Boat house. Most of you know where it is. If you don't just let me know and I can PM a map to you or you can just follow someone to the Boathouse from the Launch. We would like to start weigh in at 2-2:30. If you are running late just let someone know. Weigh in you best 1 man DNR 5 fish. 10 points per fish + weight 5 point bonus on each and any Brown in the catch. Max of 3 browns can be weighed in. $25 entry, $5 of it goes to the big fish. The payout is 100% - 8 places with big fish and big brown. The same fish could take both. First 3 places and the big fish is money places, the rest is merchandise places. No cull – Our no cull is that if you hook it, it goes into your possession limit. No boat side releases. You cannot release a fish unless it is illegal, (laker), you are filled on that species or it is undersized. 9 rods Keep a maximum of a 3 man DNR limit. No maximum of the number of anglers on your boat. For the Battle of the leagues Trophy: You must have fished for that league in the past year or be signed up to fish that league for this year to declare participation. If you do not belong to either league, no problem, you would still be fishing for all the prizes stated above and we simply declare you as an independent. The top 3 boats from each league as determined at general weigh in will form a League TWO man DNR catch for a final weigh in for the trophy. Max of 6 browns in that final basket. Bonus points will apply and points will be as stated above. One final item: We encourage team work between the 2 teams and for everyone that is fishing. Please exchange cell numbers, assist by radio, 2-ways or what ever. Our radios are being monitored on channel 68 and 72 and we will offer any assistance we can to get you on fish. Here is a boat list of participants at this point. Boats that are fishing the Brown Blast: 1) Running Arends - St. Joe 2) Adjusted 3 - St. Joe 3) Danger Dan - St. Joe 4) Midway97 - St. Joe 5) SalmonSlayer - St. Joe 6) Makowish - West 7) Spoonfed - St. Joe 8) Mark Turner - St. Joe 9) Dirtydog2 - West 10) Caznik - West 11) junior mint - independent 12) Sixshooter - West 13) Catfishhoge - West 14) Paullywood - West 15) Shrek - St. Joe 16) Glmiller - St. Joe 17) Raymond S - St. Joe 18) Fish-on - St. Joe 19) BDwauk - St. Joe 20) DonP - St. Joe 21) Fistful-of-Dollars - St. Joe 22) Sidfishious - St. Joe 23) Twilight Zone - West 24) Csootsman - independent 25) Wook - independent 26) twice-as-nice - independent 27) Horseshoe - independent 28) Naperboiler - independent You can sign up on Greatlakesfisherman.com on this post, or on Michigan-Sportsman. For more info, see this link--- http://www.michigan-sportsman.com/forum/showthread.php?t=216402 Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 5th or April. Mark Crawford & Steven Arend. Fish Dog Co
  5. Minnow, I am really sorry..... I misspoke....I thought it was a 17.3. Rich corrected us... it was a 17.4..... you got one more chance........gosh we got that one at the first event.....We even let all of them GROW up since then.... Minnow, I will be the first to shake your hand if you can knock us off.....But........there is always next year. ( I will still shake your hand) Mark
  6. Guys,,,, I am only referring to Michigan waters.....A few on this thread are from other states. Those States may have different regs.....We all need to read our own regs and pay attention to it. Darrin, you could not tell the difference between a Ho and Sturgeon.....But I enjoy you as a full time crew member on my boat.....your great on the stick.....You just suck as to what your catching... Mark
  7. Thanks Rich for putting this together.....As a co-chairman for the St Joe Fishing League, I can speak for all of us and say that you folks were great hosts.....We enjoyed seeing everyone again. Congrats on winning the wooden fishy.....it sure has bopped back and forth over the last 3 years. And yes, we got or AZZes handed to us.. Great Job GLF for winning this one...... Now if someone can just knock me off my big fish pedistal, come on guys, 17-3 is not that hard to break, I went out tonight and boxed a 20-11 and a 18-4!!! But, I for one, had a great time ont he water. I had the pleasure of having Kevin Fortmyer, an old college buddy (and he was in my wedding some 25 years ago) along with my son who has been unable to fish with me at all this year. He has the same job I do except that we are home alternitive weekends..and we had a great time. The fog was ALFULL in the am.... Thank goddness for the chart plotter. I punched in a route from the dock to the channel and stuck to it. Took me right there and I split the channel. once in the lake, it turned out great. Was a very hairy ride. I turned it north and dropped in at 40 foot with the graph just lit up with fish from top to bottom...... and could not get them to go. We made 3 passes and turned it out. We had one swipe on the turn out. As the sun rose, I went to the daytime presentaton and still notta. We managed one king on the rotator for the morning bite. We picked up and ran up to the 20's and worked the nets out in that 130 to 155. I had a laker take on the bottom that I released as it was only about 17". I was marking lots of bait between the nets and we just stuck it out but never took another bump. I thought about running out to that 250 but at that point, it was about over. As 11am started to come, we did a slow pull and I pulled in a core board and slapped a ho while I was removing the board. Other then that, fishing was very slow for the morning. I had another friend working the water in Muskegon that morning and he called me at 7am and he too was blank. Funny, we called him on our way in about 11:30 and he said that he had been home for 2 hours and was boxed!!! WTF-----He had yanked his lines and ran to the sand docks and boxed out on kings in less then an hour.....Nice to let me know at 11:30 on my way thru the chanel headed for the dock!!! Oh well.....next time. Good company, great times mattered most, and we accomplished that. Don't get too used to that wooded fishey.......It is coming back in the spring at the Brown Blast..... Mark
  8. Sorry Rich to correct you.......Limit now on Lakers is 3. it used to be 2 but they now changed that in favor of regulating the size limits. For our southern ports it is 20". It changes in the northern ports like Frankfort and Leeland. I think it goes to 23" and only one over 34" One needs to look at the section that they are fishing. Here is the link: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/great-lakes-trout-salmon_151607_7.pdf As far as coho goes, it is a different species....same genere but different species. That said, most of the Pro/Ams and local torunaments specify in their rules that one can only weigh in so many salmon.....usually 9 for Pros and 8 for Ams. Coho and kings, atlantics & pinks all go into this count. There are a few events that don't specify this. I think that is where Silverone is getting confused. BigJon Pro/Am is just that way. Now, the worst part is that there are many that connot tell the difference between a King and Ho.....right Darrin? I could go thru all the anal rays counts, spots on the body and lacking on the tail and color of the gums....but very simple.....Just grab it by the tail...if it slips thru, it is NOT a king. The king is the only fish (Salmon) that you can hold it up by the tail. But....if in doubt, call it a king and add it to the count. Better to err on the safe side, so you can then fish tomorrow. Mark
  9. Ken, Those days are not gone forever, you still have the memories and those will live with you forever. I still feel fortunate that I am still able to make those memories. I feel the same way though about my mom on Mothers day. I lost her 9 years ago. I cherish the time with Dad now. My dad tought me to fish, now it is my turn to teach him how to catch! For Darla and I 25th wedding anniversary, and for fathers day, we are headed for the Voyager's National Park for a week of walleye fishing. I spoke to Darla and we both agreed that time with dad is limited, we may never get another trip like this, we can always celebrate our anniversay. So, We booked a cabin in the Kabtogama lake chain for a week and asked Dad to go....He jumped at it. We, the 3 of us, are looking forward to a week of having fun, drinking single malt scotch, and I got a box of cuban cigars (from a sneaky friend that took a vacation to the crib) and fooling the walleye. Kenny, your dad may be gone, but I am sure that he still lives in your heart. I would also bet that each day you still say to yourself "what would dad do?" Yep, he lives on......allthough not at your side, he still lives on... Mark
  10. My eyes are watering enough, thank you! Great salami Larry! Mark
  11. Thanks, Southwest. I am actually in Coloma. Has Laylin done any boat work for you? Dogpatch is just a hop skip and a jump from me. Mark
  12. Anyone know of a good welder for aluminum on the west side of Michigan? And in the same breath, I have 13 rivets that need repair. Got a bit of damage to the hull of my boat from our trip up north. Insurance adjuster is inspecting it in the morning and I need a reccomendation on who is good at welding aluminum. The weld would be a temp fix as I bent a couple of aluminum stringers to boot. Dang rocks!! Mark
  13. I will be there depending if the boat is fixed in time. Right now I am down for the count. Mark
  14. for those that are fishing St. Joe this weekend, St. Joe is having their Venietian festival starting today and ending Sunday eve. The ramps will be packed unless you launch before 8am. Pay attention in the piers and in the waterway as there many boats with a few that are not great skippers as you folks. I received some very great reports today out of St. Joe. It really does not matter if you run North/south or straight out. Just find that 75-90 foot of water and put the lures down. Some great fishing this time of year. Mark
  15. Catastrophe Claims Specialist. I work for one of the major insurance companys traveling from one disaster to another. I have seen most of them from Katrina to Rita, hail storms in Texas and tornados in Maryland and everything in between. I am currently in Florida but looks like I am headed for New Hampshire in a week, then to the Keys a week after that-all business. In the evenings I am a co-owner of a The Fish Dog Company. Mark
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