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  1. Hi Jim Got the spoons today. Thanks. Can't wait for the Lake to let me try them. Went out perching Sunday afternoon out of St. Joe. Went south and ended up with 9 eaters. (They were good). Stay safe! Paul C.
  2. Lots of stuff to try. Thanks everyone. Paul C. Mattawan, MI
  3. What does everyone use to lube their pedestals so they don't seize up in the floor receiver. Fishing over on the Detroit River Thursday and wanted to move the seat and couldn't. Got them broken loose this afternoon using some WD 40 and lots of taps on the pedestal. Is there a good lube to use? Oh, we got five walleyes, mostly south of the Wyandotte boat launch, with two by Mud Island. (two fishermen) Thanks. Paul C Mattawan, MI
  4. Well, I saw Mike at D and R this morning, you were busy, didn't get a chance to say hello. I got out the door with two new copper rigs and some other stuff. Haven't told my wife how much I spent yet......
  5. Below is a quote from Mike......... "I have to disagree with you on this. The activity from the members here are whats keeping this website going. There is also a private area that only supporting members can access, and another for Charter Captains. Other than the private areas, these forums are completely open to anyone who is registered and logged in here. If you are not registered or logged in, there are limitations. Don't believe me?? Log out and click on 11 different posts, then tell me what you see. I do not required people to post, but if they want to continually read what is being posted on this website, they need to register and become a member." Well, I did learn a lot from this post. I've spent a lot of money for "stuff" over the last few years. Heck, I'm on a first name basis with some of the sales staff and D & R Sports in Kalamazoo. (Really like that store). For years I've spent more then I could have by going to the brick and mortar stores, because I figured it as a consulting fee. I will never forget setting my daughter up with her first bow and arrow when she was 13. Went to Brooks Archery in Kalamazoo and the owner set her up with what she needed. In fact, she is left handed and Ted found her to be right eye dominate and so she learned to do all of her shooting right handed. Well anyway, she became my shooting buddy up until she got married at 28 years old last summer. If I'd have gone the mail order route or a discount store, she'd have probably hated shooting because nothing would have "fit" right. I also found out about the supporting members area. What about those planner boards by one of this sites sponsors. I'm thinking they may be a good addition to my boat. Anyway, I know this is getting to be a bit of a ramble but just wanted to let Mike know I appreciate his work on this site and also 1 MAINIAC's idea to save some money. My wife would certainly approve. One last thing I gleaned from another forum. "One of my biggest fears is after I pass away my wife will sell my "stuff" for what I told her I paid for it". Happy New Year to all of you. Paul C. Mattawan, MI.
  6. I am pathetic at sharpening knives. I bought this system: http://www.sharpeningwheels.com/ And I can actually shave hair off my arm after I'm done with very little effort. I really like the set up. Paul C. Mattawan, MI
  7. I ended up changing my lines to braids for these clips. Broke off a few times on the mono on the Walleye 8 pound test. I didn't like chasing boards, seems they only broke off when all the lines were set. Hmmm. I like them with the braid. Paul C.
  8. I agree, this is my first forum site I visit every day. I never have anything to interesting but sure enjoy everyone else's. Thanks Mike! Paul C. Mattawan, MI
  9. Just an FYI Fish Dog Company has free shipping right now. I think the Bert's ratchet holders were 58.00. Memory serves the same ones are 79.00 at Gander Mountain. Paul C.
  10. What did you think of the new parking lot? Good job on the fish. I tried the lake just once a few years ago and happened to pick a Saturday with a tournament. Pretty busy.
  11. Hi Mike Speaking of Walleye, 4 of us got 20 really nice fish last Thursday out of Huron, OH. Biggest around 8 pounds. My wife just fried some, ummm good! Paul C. Mattawan, MI
  12. Good Morning....I have a Yamaha 115, (2006), that did the same thing. The pump ran that powers the tilt/trim until the battery was dead. Ended up taking it back to the dealer and some electrical thing was bad. (I'm sure there is a better word for that one.) I had to unhook the battery. Sport Fisherman Center in Muskegon can probably fix it pretty fast. They had practice on mine. Paul C. Mattawan, MI.
  13. 1.67 gigahertz Intel Core 2 Duo 64 kilobyte primary memory cache 2048 kilobyte secondary memory cache 2046 Megabytes Installed Memory Slot 'DIMM_B' has 1024 MB (serial number 00007160) Slot 'DIMM_A' has 1024 MB (serial number 02008165) Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 (build 6001) Verizon DSL Good luck on your project Mike! Paul C. Mattawan, MI
  14. My wife and I went to South Haven this morning perching. Lots of boats. Lots of Gobies. We ended up with only 4 for a couple hours effort. Lake Michigan was so perfect this morning though. I must say our Gobie technique was very good too. Paul C. Mattawan, MI
  15. My daughter, son in law and I went out of St. Joe today for perch. We ended up with 30 perch. Not big but nice fillets. Forty-five feet of water a little north of the pier. About 2.5 hours. Paul C. Mattawan, MI
  16. Just a note on the Big Jon's. Bought my two from D and R in Kalamazoo. Jim H from the store said they were really good, and the 100 % USA made, plus made in Michigan clinched it for me. As Mike said too, D and R Sports is a great store, I'm in there once a week or so getting my "fix". (plus then have some Big Jon parts and pieces in stock)
  17. For us abnormal people, do they come in tall sizes too? Look great. Paul C. Mattawan, MI
  18. I have the Blackberry Pearl through Alltel. Got it for the weather maps while fishing. Paul C Mattawan, MI
  19. When I bought my boat the dealer sent it to Muskegon Tent and Awning, in Muskegon. The cover is great. It travels well and also protects the boat at home. I'm happy with the job they did. Paul C Mattawan, MI
  20. Thanks Walleye Express.........by the way....I used to subscribe to Fins and Feathers Magazine. Really enjoyed it. I read all of them cover to cover. Learned a lot of stuff. Have a great weekend. Catch lots of fish. Supposed to thunderstorm over here. Paul C.
  21. Thank you Walleye Express. Hopefully I'll get back over there and try some of your techniques. Quite a fishery over there. Darn $4.00 gasoline! Thank you again. Paul C
  22. My wife and I were there until around 1 PM. I thought they were solid two's. My wife's stomach said they were 10's when we came in. Couldn't find any size to the perch, we went south.
  23. Would those be the same as the Eyeliminators? (SP?) Or something like that. I bought some at the Grand Rapids show but forgot to bring them last time I went to Saginaw Bay. Anyway there pre tied with the spoon in front. This is their web site: http://www.eyeliminator.com/ Again, I have not used them but if it is what your looking for, maybe some hints on how these are put together. Good luck! I've got perch on the brain right now, we got 90 last Sunday afternoon, biggest was a little over 13 inches. Hope it helps. Paul C.
  24. Went out Saturday morning, hitting the water around 7 AM at St. Joseph. Went south west out to around 90 feet of water and started, two of us had two downriggers out, two dipseys, a 5 core and a 10 core, using dream weavers, blue and green, various combinations of spoons and a couple of flys. Not one release, fished from the bottom up to around 30 feet down. I agree, the perch could have been more productive. Talked to a friend who was out Friday for several hours and they went out to 120 feet or so and only ended up with one laker. We stayed until the front started blowing in and headed in. Talked to one other boat and they had a king and a laker Satruday. Still a beautiful day on the lake. We are fortunate to live in Michigan! Paul C.
  25. I went today. Good prices. I bought my Big Jon downriggers today, and also some rods and level wind reels. Jim Hamrick is a great contact for salmon info. He is going to set up my reels for me, two lead cores and 4 monos. Plus some spin doctors and some spoons. I'm doing my part for the economy! Always enjoy their store. Paul C
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