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Reel Line Spooling Question.

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Took this topic from another board. Did I leave anything out?

fishunter70 - 8/22/2007 8:57 AM

Just brought my reel's to local B&T for a re-spool for salmon rod's. The owner of the B&T said that the counters will not be accurate ( in feet ) on the reel's. Anybody else know of this or is the guy trying to B.S. me, to make more $ on the re-spool's.

I thought re-setting the counter to zero..........was zero...?




I'm guessing that each reel was calibrated for a certain line type, optimum spool fill levels X feet per reel turn, versus the many other particular line diametors and types one could use when it was made. Using larger/heavier diametor mono or some of the newer thinner braids would both load and spool off at a slightly different rate I'm sure. And after so much was let out, would probably magnify it's difference either way. So exact amount out might be off slightly with each different line used. Personally, I would not worry about what would almost certainlly amount to a slight difference. Fact is, if your catching fish at 80 back on your reels when all have the same line, it's no big deal if there off a foot or two.

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