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Left Two Harbors at 6.30 ran 8 miles NE up the lake set lines in 300 ftw .

Just got everything set an board line went 3lb king Went in to 90ftw dropped a yellow spin & glow with meat on to 80 ft on down rigger 2 min later it whent

off 5lb laker . 15 min later release on board line handed pole to a lady that was along an for the next Hour she fought the fish finally got it in the boat

24lb red fin laker we had put out 500 ft of line on that board. Reset everything an then it was constent action the rest of the day when 17 for 23

11 salmon 6 lakers Pink X rapps on dipseys pink foyd spoon & spin & glows were best producers . the big laker came on a purple bomber. Best fishing we have had here all summer .:grin:

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