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Made a late decision to check out the lake this afternoon.  Made it to the launch at 7 and after making my out onto the big lake and into 125 fow managed to set lines at 8 pm (after snapping my first downrigger cable and sending a 12 lb ball to the bottom). Fished until 9:30 and went 3/5 with a 20 lb king and 2 steelhead around 8 lbs.


Working downrigger at 75 ft - green jeans flasher fly - steelhead

Mag diver back 200 - pro king chrome flasher and green fly - bite and then gone.

Mag diver back 200 - green flasher with UV tape and fly - big king that got the better of us and got away.

400 Copper - Michigan Dolphin stinger spoon. 20 lb king

400 Copper - Michigan Dolphin stinger spoon. Steelhead.


Was pretty happy with those results.  Lots of bait out there.  Lots of marks.


Boats running meat rigs appeared to have fared the best from what I could tell at the dock.

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