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Got a late start as I didn't really want to go out of an unfamiliar port in the dark. Tried trolling along the shallows North of there for the first hour and a half, using natural color scatter raps and other body baits. Tried a couple spoons too to no avail. Eventually trolled into 40-50 fow, and no hits or marks on the screen. Used one rigger line and two planner boards with various lead and weighted steel lines. Tried some short dodgers and peanut flies, 8" flasher and fly. Nothing. Eventually pulled lines and ran out the the drop-off near the point north of Ludington. Ran some gear there for about 45 minutes and again, no marks or anything. It was an east wind and the water temp seemed to be 41 - 42 most everywhere I went. There were work boats dredging the harbor and a freighter came in at one point, so really couldn't fish that. I did like the port and it's just over an hour from my home, so I would go back when I hear it picks up. The guy at the tackle store said he heard a few guys have got Kings already. But it sounds like the browns and coho are slowing down.


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