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Fished 5:00pm till past dusk starting in 150FOW out to 240FOW.  Spent most of the evening between 200-240FOW running 2 wire divers and 4 riggers.  Finished 2 for 6.  Had a couple of tangles and a lost diver set up with MS Bloody Nose because we were running everything at 70' down and below until dusk.  Caught a 8lb or better king on my Waukegan Special (Luhr Jensen blue holographic tin can with a hand tied dark blue crinkle fly) down about 60' on a rigger in 210 FOW just before dusk.  Shortly there after the 12lb light line with a holographic green dolphin type spoon down about 75' on a rigger boated about a 5lb king.  Both kings were lake bred.  The 4 misses were short lived fights and only one hit and ran hard (the donation).  Had two of my best friends out from the other side of the lake and was happy the lake was calm and got to boat a fish each.  200FOW was busy last night.  One report of a 20# king caught in the depth but not much else.  Looking to try again later in the week.


Garys King.jpg

Bens King.JPG

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