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Fished Tawas as a guest last Friday morning, warm water everywhere and the fish were scattered after the big blow the day before.  We covered a lot of ground and picked up walleye here and there, going 5/6, most fish on 8-10 color cores.  Reeling in small walleye on 10 colors is possibly even less thrilling than reeling in lake trout on full cores.  But at least every hit pulled the boards back well enough to tell, which lakers sometimes don't even bother with trying.

Switched over to Au Gres that afternoon and had a sporting ride in the waves.  The boat does not handle them nearly as well at 1.6 as it does at 2.7.  Besides cleaning the interior of the boat many times over, we went 11/12 with two big cats, three sheep of various sizes, a small eye, and five keepers from 1.6-3#.  Spoons off slide divers were best, had crawlers out too but they mostly caught the farm animals.  Wondered what it could have been if I'd put out all plugs and spoons and rolled faster.  Best water was on a line from the point to the other point (I don't know the names) in 20-24' of water.

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