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Losing In-Line Off Shore Planer Board SST's

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Finally catching some fish - last three trips totaled about 16 for 19 with combined weight of over 140 lbs. but....

Got my name and phone on the boards but batting about .500 this year for returns. Finding a few on Facebook Marketplace but new ones are close to $70 now so really trying to not lose any more.

Watching "Russel" on You Tube, and he swears by Sam's Pro releases on split ring in front and standard OR 16's in back using a 50 lb. Power pro braid. Now popped free about 9 boards so far this year like this. Recovered 3 and 3 returned with phone call. Thanks Russel.

Local bait shop says Russel is full of it, and just use Dreamweaver Ninjas and get it over with. Super easy to set and change but fought a 23 pounder on 350' copper, and the board kinda took some of the fun out of it.

Per two other "experts" we put 10' of 30# mono in line to wrap around Sam's Pro and then on back we changed to the heavy super tight yellow "swinging arm" release. Tried popping just the front repeatedly and then both releases popped and that was No.9 lost for the year.

More advice was just do it exactly as "Russel" and it that it would well most of tie. Put the split rings back to hold Sam's release, but still like the tightest yellow arm release, and got some tiny (3/4") carabiners to attach to rear split ring and now smack fish in the head?

Anybody else got any better ideas, I'm sure willing to listen, thanks.


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