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Sorry for the late report - fished 3:30 PM - 10 PM - finished 7/8

First time out of Holland, and based on reports, we headed out to 150 FOW, didn't mark much but set up and continued NW to find some fish.

Water was 56 on top - 39 deg. 85 down.

Ran an 8 rod spread - 4 boards, 2 dipsies, 2 DR. DW 85 down was our deepest rod.

It was slow - but we managed to box a steelhead, laker, and king before 6:30 - but then nothing but 4 more kings - all jacks - all released - until sundown

The hot spoon was double orange crush on 100' copper and holographic watermelon on 3 color

we didn't kill it for sure - all fish were in the 5 pound range - but couldn't find the big ones for sure.

Tight lines!

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