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Just 1 for 1; 14.1lb king on jager bomb spoon on rigger SWR in 31’ of water trolling south into 1-2s just south of water plant; 25’ down and about 55’ back ( by time you pass mono leader, 1C and get to backing it’s 55’). Trolled about 4-5 mikes north in 35-55’ and no hits. Friend out earlier in mud and in 35’ ended up 5/6.
Decided to then work south of pier where all our fish have been caught. And, it worked.
Water temp in 35-55 was 48-49; in front of piers was 51.
Trolling speed usual 2.2-3.0.
1-2s out of SE; wind 10-15 finally as predicted. Fished 10-2:30.

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