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Finally got into some fish out of Holland

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I have been going out these last few weeks when the weather allowed and waves weren't too crazy. It has been a struggle for me to find fish. We had a great morning today however. We went southwest out of Holland approximately half way to Saugatuck and started in 120' of water. Once we figured out current we started setting lines on south by southwest troll 2.2-2.3 mph. found good temperature at 72'. It took a little while and we had first fish on. High diver with white glow spindoctor/pickled sunshine fly. 214' back. 2 year old king 1/1. had two hits after that on downriggers set at 90' and 75' down. Blue Knight glow spoon and Green Knight glow spoons. soft bites and felt both fish for a minute and then gone 1/3. Got lines reset and inside wire diver on setting 1 on starboard side went off.  We had it out 210' with Salmon Candy megatron flasher with pickled sunshine fly. It ripped and after a nice battle landed a nice 13lb king 2/4. Just landed that fish and the same side high diver went off at 265' back. Mongolian beef spoon. Landed another 2 year old king 3/5. Two more releases on the downriggers with no one home 3/7? Out of no where after washing all morning 400' copper went off with green splatter back plug. Dad fought that fish for a while. Fun to watch. Then gone... bummer. 3/8. Waves started to pick up and we were getting ready to call it a morning. I sent portside downrigger down 120' and bam nice lake trout 8 plus pounder on green knight spoon 4/9. We started pulling rods and I let portside down rigger float to surface as I brought in the other one. the rod began to bounce and we had our 2nd laker 6 pounder on green knight spoon again 5/10. Not the greatest percentage but we had a great time out on the lake. All of our fish came zig zagging between 120' and 1:40' on a south troll. 50 degree water was between 70-80' down. We targeted 70 to 100' with our program and it worked pretty well. I hope to get out a couple more times before a close to this year weather permitting.      

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Awesome! Good report. I do do that a lot with lakers. Pop the line off the rigger and set the rod back in the holder, letting the lure work it's way off the bottom. I started doing it with the large Kingfisher flashers because they are such a job to reel in until they hit the surface. When I noticed I was getting fish quite often, I decided to try it as a technique one particularly slow day. I was marking good numbers of trout on the drop-off at Herring hole but they wouldn't hit. So I popped the line off the rigger when I went through 4-5 fish. It worked! Kind of a hassle to reset the lines if it fails, but on a slow day who cares. That day I had my limit and headed for the harbor 40 minutes later. Now I do it to put fish in the boat when all else fails. Need to do it right when you mark the fish.

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