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45 - 55 FOW was best for us. 2 lakers boated. Missed 1 laker and lost 2 silver fish, one of which felt like a teener and had some nice runs. Silvers where on orange regular sized moonshine spoons on 100 Cu. 2 lakers on spin & glows on bottom and 1 on a braid slide diver and rasta goose spoon (reg size) down about 30' (out 100'). All fish were taken right out front of the pier heads. I did find warmer south about 2 miles (45.5 surface instead of 43.5) and inside of 50 fow, and had a few marks there, but didn't get any hits.


After taking the picture, I noticed I had the spin doctor attached directly to the dipsy diver snubber I was running on bottom. I forgot to put a leader between the snubber and spin doctor, which is how I usually do it. But hey, it put a fish in the boat.20200512_102621.jpeg20200512_104142.jpeg


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