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Mercury Joystick Piloting Bow Hook Feature

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I upgraded to a Boston Whaler 285 Conquest this year and I like it a lot.  On my older Lund 1850 Tyee I used my Minn Kota   electrical trolling motor to give me a great spot lock performance for vertical jigging.  It's difficult to stay over a spot with my new boat.  I have joystick piloting and with my Mercury 403 Vessel View I have a skyhook feature which hold the boat position and direction.  While it works, the motors (twin Verado 250hp) run quite a bit and churn the water up with lots of noise.  It's not a very nice jigging experience.  If I upgraded to the 500  or 700 series I could have their Bow Hook feature.  It would be an expensive upgrade and I have no idea how effective it will be.  I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with Bow Hook for jigging.  Please let me know how it works.  Does it reduce the amount and aggressiveness of the engines running?  Thanks for any advice available.

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