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Last minute help needed badly.

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Hello all. 

You don’t have to answer everything. Any little bit of info helps. 

Accepted a last minute invite on a trip to the Thumb. Our campsite is in Port Hope. My buddy explained to me we will be fishing 6-7 piers and some shoreline around the tip of the thumb so I’m assuming caseville to port Austin. 

Besides that, I wasn’t able to get any Fishing info. These guys will throw a worm In and take pictures. Being an angler at heart that won’t suffice for me, these are my questions. 

1. What, if anything hits off these piers/thumb shoreline? I’m mainly set up for smallies because I doubt the piers are deep enough for walleye. My smallie fishing is limited to inland lakes and the Saint Claire spawn in May.  Is there anything different (Heavier line, leaders, etc) to Great Lakes smallies or should my tube set up be fine?   


2. I have Rods and reels up the wazoo. What combination can I put together that would work best for casting large spoons or hardbaits on these piers? I was thinking something longer like 7’6 but have no idea what line or leader or lb test swivel. 


3. Lake Trout, Steelheads, Salmon. All heiroglyphics to me. This time of year should I worry about going after any of that and/or anything off my radar. 



 Any small bit of info helps. 

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