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The wind was blowing hard both mornings so we held off until the afternoon to fish since the winds died down both days as the day went on.  I didn't like the graph in Michigan waters so we kept going east and set up near the sputnik on Friday.  It was a fast bite with spoons and diver discs back 90 feet and we had 18 walleyes in 2-1/2 hours.   Set up on the same area on Saturday afternoon but had a slow bite and only had 3 fish after a couple hours.   Pulled lines and ran east and set up a couple miles NW of W Sister Island.  Once we got there it was game and on and we got our limit in 2 hrs.   Spoons and diver discs again but we stretched our leads to 110 and 120 ft in the deeper water by the islands.  A half core with a warrior flutter colville crusher was great on that rod both days, it's been steady all year.    One more weekend on Erie and then it's off to the blue water in Ludington.

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