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Some recent pics, thank you for sending in and sharing what's working 😎

15# Brown out of Marinette, WI trolling 40fow close to bottom w/ Zombie Apocalypseâ„¢ SuperGlow

17# Laker out of Sheboygan, WI trolling 125fow, 80' down on dipsey w/ HeadHunterâ„¢ Red Mag SuperGlow (managed a grand slam that day, had one king, laker, brown, steelhead and coho!)

27# King + (2) nice Steelhead out of Algoma, WI, (1) Steelhead hit the same HeadHunterâ„¢ Red

Thanks again, good luck and be safe out there!

Tom Schultz - FishKnocker


7-4-18 Zombie Apocalypse_4.jpg

7-4-18 Zombie Apocalypse_5.jpg

Sheboygan Salmon Cup 2018_9.jpg

Sheboygan Salmon Cup 2018_14.jpg

Todd Simpson.jpg

Todd Simpson_1.jpg

Zombie Apocalypse_1.jpg

HeadHunter SuperGlow_1.jpg

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Nice catch!

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