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Fished from 7-930 ended 1 for 1


Had no idea where yo start after the big blow so we headed northwest into the waves and set up in 175 fow. Trolled South East all the way back into 65 fow. Marked most fish in two areas. 135-125 and 80-70. Picked up one king 22.5 lbs in 100 fow on a mag lemon lime spoon slider on rigger 90 down. It tried to knit a sweater with the other lines but somehow we got it in the boat.

Had one rip on a wire diver with white flasher and spin n glow near bottom in 150 fow but didn't stay buttoned up. The lake later down nicley and it was a beautiful night on the water.


App won't let me post the pic. I'll try on the website.


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