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9 for 10  .... 7 Coho 3-5#, 1 Steelhead 9#, 1 Laker 8#

Forecast was horrible and thunderstorms went over us on the way from B.C. to South Haven.     A scheduled tournament had been cancelled due to weather.  But there were other boats heading out.  We decided to give it a try.  Everything cleared.  Turned out to be an ideal day. 


Put lines in the water at approx.. 8:30 AM on 120 FOW and trolled out to 140 at times.  Most of the fish were caught in the first 1.5 hours (4 Coho and 1 Steelhead…all on DR hits).  The rest extended through the day until we quit at 5:30PM…out as far as 180 FOW.  Chased off the water by heavy dark clouds coming across from Chicago way. 


Success with the following:


Green Dolphin spoon on Dipsy 170 feet back


Blue-chrome Splatterback plug   on 10-color leadcore


Yellow Spin Doc with blue fly  on DR 60 feet down


Fuzzy Bear Jager Bomb   on DR  60 feet down


Black Spin Doc and red-clear UV meat rig    350 copper


Live Wire Spin Doc and green-clear UV meat rig    350 copper


3 Coho on ProKing Jager Bomb on other DR….2 on free slider, other on terminal spoon (65 ft down).


Had big rip on DR with Jager Bomb spoons but not home upon retrieve.   Released one small Coho






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