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Yankee in Wilson 5/22 & 5/23

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Yankee in Wilson 5/22 & 5/23

Yankee Troller in Wilson 5/22 & 5/23
After a few middle of the pack tourney finishes we got back to chartering. Here are some reports from the last few days.

May 22nd
Brian and his gang fished with us today, and they were rewarded with a quick limit of Lake Ontario King Salmon! We pulled Familiar Bite meat on our A-TOM-MIK coppers in 300, 400, and 500. On our divers and our Cannon Downriggers we ran Dreamweaver Spin Doctors/A-TOM-MIK flies. Our top producers were Mt. Dew/Big Fin Glow, Two Face/Glow Hammer, Marvs Big Fatty/Ultra Green Glow. We also had a frostbite on our chase rigger with an Orange slurpee SS free sliding that took a few fish. Riggers parked from 60-150' and divers from 150-240 on a 2 setting. A lot of 2yr old Salmon today with 3 Coho, but we did grab a nice 3yr old 18lb King.


May 23rd
Warren and his wife joined us for a day of fishing with another couple that is soon to be wed. The Niagara region didn’t disappoint! We ran the same program that worked for us the day before, and it rewarded us with a great box of fish. We fished Familiar Bite meat on 300, 400, and 500 A-TOM-MIK coppers, Dreamweaver Spin Doctors/A-TOM-MIK flies on our divers and our Cannon Downriggers, and a pair of spoons on our chase rigger. Those spoons being a frost bite on the main line with an orange slurpee SS free sliding. Our top flasher fly combos were Mt. Dew/Big Fin Glow, Two Face/Glow Hammer, and Marvs Big Fatty/Ultra Green Glow. Our riggers were parked 60-150 down and our divers were out from 150-250' on a 2 setting. We had better quality today with more 3yr olds showing up in our box. We had two fish at the 17.5lb mark.




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