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grindstone city 8/5

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Fished out of grindstone this morning with the family and boxed 17 very nice walleye before the wind switched from the sw to the wnw and blew us off. The walleye we landed today were very nice eyes with the biggest being 7.2 pounds and the smallest being 3.6 pounds. We also caught a mess of nice small mouth bass. Heres what worked we ran one side reef runner deep little rippers and the other side crawlers suspended off the bottom. The reef runners we ran 45 to 60 off the boards and the crawlers we ran 1.5 oz inlines 30 to 45 off the boards trolling 1.4 to 1.8. On that side of the lake there are many reefs and rock piles we tried to stay in 25 to 32 fow.  We also ran 2 colors of leadcore as our long line with a crawler and that caught the most fish.

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Sorry about the late reply but caseville has slowed down alot from where it was 2 to 4 weeks ago as it usually does this year as the main school of walleyes head further north as the water warms. I fish caseville everyyear from last week of june to last week of july with very nice limits of eyes. Once it slows down there i move to hat reef near port austin and the reef systems as far as harbor beach in search of the bigger walleye. I caught limits after limits of normal sized walleye may and june and use july and early august to fish for larger walleye further north like the big walleye we caught after ice out and to the end of april trolling husky jerks.

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