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Ludington 8/12

Trina Rose

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Fished Ludington yesterday. Went 5 for 7.Went out at 10:00am and landed one nice king. Lost two on copper. Had to come in around 12 noon. Landed fish came on a 150 copper with a DW lemmon ice. Lost another steelhead on same rig. The. Lost another king on a 200copper that had a purple pro king uv spoon. Not sure the name.

Went back out at 7:30. Ran to same area. Stopped just short of bath house n worked 120 to 160 fow. First king was on high diver with moo moo meat rig. Second was a 200 copper with that same purple uv pro king. Third fish was a king on wire diver out 112 on 2 setting. Took a clear uv krw meat rig with a 11 inch DW slick glow white paddle. Last fish was 35 down on a rigger on a spoon. 3 to 5 fish has been the norm lately for us. Had a great day with dad and my brother

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