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Went out last night in the fog and rain. Got out and set in 230 and trolled west and kept going west and picked up fish off the bat. After about 260 didn't get a hit for about an hour and whipped back around and went east and got back into fish in 260 and ended up doing laps in 220-260 till around 8 when we just went East and tried to see if a few kings were around. Best rigs were 2 color red pepper, 1 color red pepper, 5 color gold orange tux, 7 color green jeans, 7 color uv chart pooh bear. Once we headed in close got a couple kings on the riggers. UV blue jeans w/ blue moo meat rig 65 down and uv blue jeans w/ living the dream meat rig 90 down. 2.6-4 at the ball we ran all night nothing really mattered and only trolled East and west. Finished 13-15

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Wow great report best one I've heard in a while. We're were in too shallow last night in the 175 range going 2/5

Yeah those fish are scattered. Just gotta find a pod of fish and stick with them. Give me a shout next time your out. Always willing to share what info.

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