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Nyanquing point 10-11 youth hunt

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Daughter, college buddy and I went across the state to hunt nyanquing for the first time. Drew 21 out of 23 but had done our homework. Took a zone that got five on the am hunt with the guy saying the mallards would not work all the way to the zone.

He was right but the Widgeon looked and the woodies piled in like lost friends. We picked our shots trying to get some to land for my daughter. Ended up with two drake Widgeon, a drake mallard, and four woodies with the only hen sporting a band. And right at hours I put four geese in the pocket only to choke on all three shots after hitting four for four before that. Buddy doubled. They killed 44 geese last year in almist 3000 hunts and I choked.

Good trip for going in blind. I'm sure people that drew better didn't do as well.

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