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Leader length?

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It depends on what you are fishing for. If it's trout I fish two to three feet from the ball with a max of an 18 inch leader from the flasher to the bait. For salmon it depends on the depth and amount of light, the lighter it is the longer you will want to fish from your ball. If your looking for some lures take a look at GL-tackle.com as I have did really good with them this year I have one of everything and had great success with them.

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Some guys use a 100' rule.  20' down 80' back, 50' down 50' back, 80' down 20' back. You get the drift.

I like to put my spoons back about 20-30' unless I'm in shallow water, then they go back more.

Flasher/fly are always about 8-10' back. Plugs go 10-20' back.

Flasher/fly works very good when the fish are deep down.

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