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L750 pigtail


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Anyone have a suggestion? Seems my L750 doesn't run right.........sounds stupid,but i have dual batteries on my boat, for some reason i kept starting it with just one battery switched on, (stupid mistake)......but when the fishfinder was on it would flash either 00 or 99.......thinking that when the voltage isn't right,the fishfinder won't work right.the problem is, i seem to have lost the pigtail from the fishfinder, i know the history of the raytheon L750 isn't the greatest but i can't troubleshoot the problems without the pigtail.can anyone help me out here?:confused:

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Go to gemeco website and download their catalog. They have more of the hard to find marine electronic plugs that anyone. The are a wholesaler so if its in their catalog you will need to find one of their dealers to buy from.

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The power cord you need is the Raymarine/Raytheon W144. It is the same as what is used with the Pathfinder series units (L755, L760, L770, RL70, RL70C, RL80... and others). Most of the time they sell for $50-70 online.

Back when it first came out it was a great unit, but given its age I'm not sure I'd invest that much to find out if it works unless you really want to use it. Good news is that if it doesn't fix it, you should be able to resell it on eBay pretty quickly.

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