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Went 9 for 11, fished Port Sheldon south from about 6 to 10:15. Started just south of PS in 70 FOW where we took our first fish a 10 lb king on a rigger 20 down with a Moonshine glow ladderback moments after sending the cannonball down. After that it was dead until we made it to the 105-110 FOW area south of PS. Then it went,

240 Copper blue bubble meat rig 17 lb king (1 of 3 on this rig)

300 Copper magnum NBK spoon 15 lb king (1 of 2 on this rig)

Wire Dipsey 105 back yellow meat rig took a rip but no fish landed and then broke off another king at the back of the boat when it got put back in the water

240 copper meat again, 19 lb king

Wire Dipsey 110 back green meat rig 20+ lb. king

3 color with 3 oz drop weight and moonshine flounder pounder 14 lb king

Triple starting with 220 copper chrome and blue j-plug 19 lb king (hit while I was placing the planer board)

300 copper with NBK mag spoon again 7 lb coho

240 copper meat again 18/19 lb king to finish off the triple and the day

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