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  1. Made it out for a morning trip with my father. Lines in the water by 6:30am starting in 120 fow and headed west to find fish. Water was 71 degrees from surface to nearly 75 feet down. Had lines focused in that 100-140 feet down range. Best water was 135-150 fow. Ended 7 for 11 and pulled lines at noon. Dipsy divers were king for us. 300 foot back on magnum dipsy set on 3. Pearl Paddle with green Kringle fly took 3, pearl spin doctor with green Kringle fly took 2. Downrigger with silver dodger and green krinkle took one and lemon ice magnum spoon took one. Remaining 4 hits were also on these same setups. Biggest king was 37 inches and next biggest was 34 inches. No scale so no accurate weight but had to be in that #28-30 range. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. was also out last night and fished 115-150 fow north of the channel, really slow night, only 0-1 with a hit on full core chicken wing. By the time we grabbed the rod the fish was already jumping and got off before we even got the board to the boat. Good thing the fishing will only get better in the next few weeks!
  3. Made it out for a few hours this morning. Fish were hitting like crazy but just could not keep them on for some reason. Ended up 2 for 8. 90-100 fow was best. Blue bubble spin doctor and fly was what we landed the two on. Bloody nose, blue dolphin, and orange crush also had hits.
  4. Thanks for the report. Hope to get out this week! Any boats fishing perch that you noticed on the way in?
  5. Went out North of the power plant with my dad last night. Went 3-4 fishing 85-95 fow. Also got our first 30 pounder for the year which was a 40 inch king. Other two were #15 and #16. The one that got away broke the thread of the j-plug hooks as we were in the process of getting the net in the water for the net job. Monkey shine on down rigger 70 down Green dolphin on slider Green ladder back j-plug on rigger 65 down Pearl spin doctor with green crinkle fly on mag. dipsy back 125 feet Also saw a lot of guys perch fishing. Any reports????
  6. Lots of boats out but just couldn't find the fish last night. Just 1 king 8# on mixed veggies 85 feet down on rigger in 140 FOW. Hope others did better than I did.
  7. Mixed veggies was on downrigger 55ft down, watermelon was on a slider, blue dolphin was on 10 colors or leadcore, blue bubble fly was on mag. dipsy diver set on 3 120 ft back, green bubble fly was on mag. dipsy set on 3 90 feet back. Hope this helps!
  8. Went out with my dad last night, went 5 for 6, all kings in 125-140 fow. What worked: mixed veggies, blue dolphin, watermelon, green bubble fly, and blue bubble fly.
  9. First trip of the year and also had my girlfriend out for her first trip out on the big lake. Lines down by 7:20 and fished til 9:30, went 3/4 in 125-140 fow. 2 kings and a laker. Laker came on a green bubble fly with spin doctor on dipsee, 1 king on bloody nose on leadcore, 1 king on mixed veggies on down rigger. Great way to get the girl hooked on salmon fishing!
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