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Went 12-16. We were catching fish pulling lines, with only two of us on the boat two nice kings got a free pass tonight.

5 of the 12 were in the 16+ lbs range and the rest were 6-10 lbs. We kept, 2 coho, 2 steelies and 6 kings.

Fish for us were in 130-150 FOW with all but two fish coming on a east troll, speed at the ball was above 2.6 to catch fish.

The hot set ups for the night were a full core with a standard Stinger UV blue dolphin. It was good for six of our hits and 4 fish. The other was a Dreamweaver UV slick 11" paddle followed by a KRW riverside fly. Had that set up on a wire dipsy set 2 back 120 and on a rigger down 60-75. That was good for five Kings and all of the big ones.

The other set ups that got hit were a 5 color with a Standard Stinger orange alfonse and a 3" j-plug green w/black on a rigger down 35.

Great night on the water.

Good luck out there


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