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Unproductive Spoons.

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Most GLs Fishermen have a ton of spoons that never get washed anymore. It seems that the glow spoons are the ticket. I recently bought 1/2# of super glow green powder and mixed some of it with 4 oz of clear brushing lacquer. I took several of my light colored and white back spoons and put 3 coats of this mix on them. At 70 degrees F this stuff will dry in a couple of hrs. WOW! These glow like the real deal. Adequate ventilation is a must. The busy person will probably NOT want to do this. But oldtimers like me, with more time than money, may want to try it. It's not cheap, but if you can make 25-50 dud spoons into some real producers, you may want to try it. The powder is mixed with the lacquer about 1 to 4. The powder suspends in the lacquer and has to be stirred often. Remember that the lighter color bases will glow up the best. The green glow powder has the longest glow time of all the glow powders. Here is an eBay link, to the powder.


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Have you read this thread Frank? Its an article about glow in the dark paints.

Yes, Mike I did read that thread. I was doing some research on the stuff before and at the time of your thread. Most of the sites that had the glow powder were selling it for $60-$70/# The same company that I posted the link for had the green stuff on sale around the holidays for $15 per 1/2#. That's when I thought I would give it a whirl. I had the stuff for a month but just tried it out on some spoons. I was impressed.

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