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Holland channel Saturday

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Got into the channel around 6AM and didn't get bit till around 8.. First To go was a 75 copper with a blue splatter back plug.. As that starts going off the Downrigger 20 down with a lucky charms plug got hit and so did the diver 40 out.. We got the 2 of them in the net and the last one to come in wa a monster.. We went to net it in the backup net and right as it was about in the net it took on shake and broke the treble hook right off.. Should've known better as that was the only plug we didnt change the hooks.. All these fish we right where the mud and clear water met.. So we decided to go through the channel and was about to pull the boards when a 3 color took off with a silver plug on it.. Got that one in.. So we ended the day on a good note so we thought till we were going out the channel pulling lines when boat went in neutral for some reason and started drifting towards us and we got blocked in and pushed by the rocks.. Ended up losing a couple cannon balls..:angry2::angry2: .. But we ended with 3 nice kings all around 20 pounds

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Saw you over by the rocks couldnt figure out what was goin on. We did hook down rigger cable twice in the channel.

Yeah we tried to get them unhooked from there but no luck.. Kind of hard to maneuver around everyone in that big boat.. Getting rid of this winter to get something more practical.. But Whoever was in that aluminum but parked it in neutral had no idea what to do in the channel.. before he parked it in neutral he went along side of the pier and hooked onto a few pier fishermans lines.. Then after he was in neutral whipped it around and went through the middle of the channel and went over some more peoples lines.

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