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I know it's late, sorry.

Had lines down by 6:30, in 90 FOW, was planning on starting in 120 but hit a screen filler at 65 and kept marking so I decided not to leave fish to catch fish. Just before 7 things got started:

-20lb King, down 55 stacker on the DR, Easter Egg glow in 100 FOW

-7lb King, out 135 on DD, glow Frog

-12lb King, down 75 DR, Carmel Dolphin

-5lb Steel, out 130 on DD, glow Frog

-7lb Steel, down 65 DR, Michael Jackson

-2lb Laker, 200 copper, Orange Crush

Had two break off 30lb big game on 180 copper and 125 copper within SECONDS of each other, both were monsters, and you'd have thought I'd remember the drags after that, well.... On our troll in, at 50 FOW had a DD, Glow Frog again, and this time I didn't get my spoon back, IDIOT!!! I think I'll hang signs all over the boat: REMEMBER THE DRAG STUPID!!

Anyway, had two rookies with me that had a great time going 6-9. Best water was 100-130. That Glow Frog was hot all day.

<a  href=%7Boption%7Dhttp://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/2/7/9/8/aug_10th_with_jay.jpg' alt='aug_10th_with_jay.jpg'>

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Dave, thanks for the report. Sounds like fun...sorry about the breakoffs. Quick question, when you say "hit a screen filler" are you talking about marking just gobs and gobs of fish or just one very large fish? I'm trying to make sense of the fishfinder marks I describe over here.

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