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Copper setup

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I have a couple convector 45's with ten colors of lead on them. Thinking about switching 1 over to a 300' copper. If I do how much backer can I get on the reel. I currently have 300 yards of 40lb power pro. Haven't decided whether to go 45 or 32#.

I see the BRC 45# has a diameter of 0.033 and the 32 is 0.030. Should I be able to straight up switch them out with my 27# LC, it should have a dia of around 0.032?

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I wouldn't put more than 225' of 45 lb on a 45, and preferably 150', a 55 is much better suited for longer lenghts than that. I think 300' of 32# would fit.

Yup 200 yards of 30# Power pro, a 10' piece of 40# mono to attach boards and 300' of 45# Bloodrun copper is perfect. You will never get 300' of 45# copper on a 45. Take a look at the reel fill calculator on this site.

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