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Got all the lines set by 7 in 80 fow a little north of the channel. Immediately hooked up a steely on a green dolphin. It was the slider on a rigger set at 40. Got it reset and same set up fired again. Two average steelies in the box by 8 and off to a decent start. We trolled NW out to 200 and turned around to head S. we zig zagged south between 200 to 130 fow. We continued to pick away at steelhead. We ended the day 6-7. Biggest fish was a 9lb coho that came on a 3 color with Mixed veggies. That set up took two hits. Got one on a modified yellow dolphin while letting out the 300 cu. Both high divers set at 100 on 3 got fish. One was a mag kevorkian and the other was a blue alewife. Blues, greens and yellows seemed to be the ticket. The coho was stuffed so I opened him up to find he had three alewife in him. One was standard size the other two were super slims if that. Hope his helps.

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How do you set up your spoons on divers? I haven't talked to many guys who do spoons on divers and I'm having a hard time gathering info on the subject.

Just run a 10 ft lead (or longer) of your diver to a spoon. Once you get the diver to the boat you will have to hand line the fish in. You can run plugs the same way.


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