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Moonshine RV spoons

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Yes. I got the smaller packs. Its like 3 inches x 12 inches and I think 3 sheets or something like that for 4.98. You can cut alot of spoon cuts out of it. It's very reasonably priced. Here is the email I received back from him when I inquired about it:



We sell a tape we call Super Pearl, most of the manufacturers call it UV, the color numbers are #948 (transparent) #949 (white backed solid) and 948C (transparent crushed). These are all great tapes and currently our best sellers.

You can order other products on-line and in the notes let us know that you would like those colors replaced with the Super Pearl color or colors. You can also call in a order if you wish 800-521-0731.

We are currently working on the web sites to update all the colors and products but it will be a month or so.

Thank you for your interest in our tape products.




It's really not UV, its the same product moonshine uses on their RV spoons. I put my order in and had it to my door within 3 days. You won't be disappointed, its worth a try.

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