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What length fly lead?!

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The same!!!!!

"what length fly leader do you use?" is asked all the time. I truly believe it does not matter as long as it is consistent. If you find a length that works for you and all the rigs are the same, you can adjust speed or direction to make YOUR rigs work properly. If you have five rigs out with five different leader lengths, only one may be working.

Fish to the length of leader that works for your boat, don't chase others programs.

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Thanks Josh. I couldn't agree more. Back befor the water cleared up due to the quagga mussels, we only ran a leader about 2 times the length of the flasher we used. Mostly 0 dodgers or hoochie mamas. Now my boat does best with a leader lenght of about 48" from what ever flasher I am using. The exception is in the coho spring fishery with the 000 dodgers and small flies we run about 18" from dodger to fly.

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Thats funny Randy and I were talking about that Sunday and I told him I don't think it matters just like you said. I run a 25 inch lead to the head of the fly and troll 1.8-2.0 and NEVER change that. Once you figure it out those are 2 things you never have to factor into your program again. I fish 2 color flashers and 2 colors of flies, that's it, and if it aint working I'm either not on fish or going the wrong direction. I think the main reason people struggle with flashers is because they create WAY to many variables, the fish don't change what they eat everyday so there is no reason to change your setups everyday.

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Last year my son Jacob took one of the flies off my paddle and put it on the Spin doctor, 36" leader and all. That setup was smoking hot, till it got cut off.

Put out what works for you, and be happy.

FYI, what we do (why, because it works for us)

11" paddle gets a 36" leader

8" spin doctor gets a 21" leader

8" paddle gets a 26" leader.

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Another way to look at it is what fish are hooking up/biting on which length of leader? Do the small ones want the shorter leader, like 24", vs. the bigger fish wanting the longer leader, like 48" or so, more smart and more easily spooked? Also, what are the water conditions? Rough/calm/clear/cloudy? This fishing is not exactly predictable, day to day, like I say, everyday is different, and a challenge, for the angler and fish alike...lol. A Science to study for the purist.

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I've seen leader length matter on more than one occasion. Especially with stagers. It only took one butt whoopin during September to find that out.

I also see different paddles hanging there. A chip will run a larger diameter than a Spin Doctor. If your chips aren't going adding an inch or two to the leader might help.

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