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Private field frozen out this morning. Went up to MWW to close out the season up there. Went solo so I had to pick left overs, but ended up where I wanted.

Birds didn't fly until about 4pm, then I had two blacks come in side by side. Too close to shoot just one, and they stayed in formation for two laps. Finally pulled up and shot about 3' to the side to spook them more than anything, but one caught a pellet and folded.

Missed a drake after that, and then sat up after working a few, and had one jump out of the spread right behind me. Over the shoulder shot didn't work.

Right at hours I landed 4 ducks and then a group of about 40 piled in behind them. Missed. What? Dropped a drake with shot #2 and then just held off ending the season with 40+ ducks well within range.

Walked out and the guys in the other half of my zone gave me a drake - the second one - that I had lung shot and it fell dead just shy of their decoys.

Nice hunt to close out the season on ducks - had a few chances I let pass, could not get any of the 4000 odd geese that flew past to look, but two drakes and my third black of the year - no complaints.

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