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It was a rough day on the water with 3-6 footers really limiting where I wanted to fish. Powered out to 110 FOW East of the Filter and started east, got out to 200 FOW before turning and trolling with the waves southwest back to shore.

Ended 9-10 with two bows being over 10#. Hot set up was a MS Wonderbread on a 8 color. Rigger bit had strarted to pick up a little PK Rotten Bananna with Raspbery ladderback did well for me as well. Had one dipsy hit and thanks to a cheap swivel that broke that fish ran off with my lure and dipsys.... AHHHHH

Over 70 on the surface with 50 degree water down about 45'.

I think the biggest bite is still out deep, charters were fishing that all week and I really think if you want to get on some fish you need to find them deep and really work the area.

Good Luck and God Speed.

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