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Fished this a.m.went 10 for 12 fished from the 02'sway to about 05's. Big wienie meat took 2 at 225115 back and big Weenie rubber poofster took 2 at 225 back. Ss walmart took 2 at 115 down on the riggers a.d took another on a 300 copper w/ a bloody n


Tonight we fished the same area and went 6 for 6. #1 was on Micheal jackson Ss 115walmart down on the rigger, this went three times. #4 was a moonshine martini 69 down on the rigger. #5 came 5 min later on a ratchet jaw. #6 was on a full core with green jeans.

finished the day going 16 for 22. 5 where coho the rest kings. Largest being 21.75lbs, and a couple of the hos where close to 9lbs:thumb:

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Todd & Scott,

Thanx for the great trip. Already looking forward to next year. Shared some of the catch with friends. Put some on the grill day we got home. Glad I could help with the "Wally-Mart" spoon, looks like it paid off again. I actually first became aware of it on this forum, so thanx to others who post. I hope to gain a little more knowledge about salmon fishing through this forum between now and next trip.

P.S. Don't try a "K-mart" or "Target" spoon they won't work !

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