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Fished this morning from 530-1030 ended up going 6 for 6. #1 was a small king caught on a swr with a moonshine raspberry carbon 55 down,#2 Big weenie meat rigg 225 back on a high braid diver,#3 laker caught on the swr same set up, #4 and #5 Big Weenie poofster paddle with rubber poofster fly 225 back on a high diver, and #6 a 300 copper with a silver horde naked lady. This ended our week with the family in Ludington we ended up going approx. 25 for 32. Not bad for the weather we had we fished i believe 6 trips and 2 of them where less than an hour long due to weather. The fishing seems to be getting better day by day as due the sea fleas. Almost all our fish where caught within a half mile of each other all week. Mostly between 02 and 03 off the bank near the point. Our big fish for the trip was about 20.5 lbs. Took alot of fish between 16lbs. and 18lbs. I will be back in Ludington from the 10th-14th as always reports will follow.

Again a very big thank you to Big Weenie for putting out a great fish catching product. As you all can see in todays report and all my others from this week and if you look back at my posts from last year the last week of july and my trips in Aug. that there products are catching 75% of my fish. Last year alone the Big Weenie Blue poofster paddle with matching rubber poofster fly caught 30 of my 57 kings. If you give them a call and order anything make sure you get at least one of the above mentioned and tell Gary you heard about it on Nutz report.

Also I installed the new fishhawk x4 last week before i left and it worked flawlessly. I had the depth raider for four years and could never consistent readings from it it worked only about 50% of the time. The x4 worked 100% of the time and has a super easy to read screen and took me less than 2 hours to install. Another great piece of equipment that no one should go without. I feel it has improved my catch rate by at least 50%.

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I can't agree more the customer service with Big Weenie is top notch, I had questions about a order I made today and they called me right back and answered all the questions I had on a Sunday....awesome:thumb:! Im going to be up In Ludington that same weekend so of course I had a rubber poofster on my order...if you don't mind me asking what meat rig did you have luck with??

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NFN UV Meat Flasher

11" Custom NFN UV Meat Flasher. This is 2 of 3 in the NFN (No fish Nick) Collection. Nick is one of the best meat fishermen on the big lake and he has wanted these combinations for years.

Price: $14.99

..NFN UV Meat Rig

This is 3 of 3 in the NFN (No Fish Nick) Collection. Nick is one of the best meat fishermen on the big lake and he has wanted these for years. Our own XXXtreme UV heads combined with UV Squids. As always hand

Special k this is the one. Notice it is in there meat rig combos and it is the one labeled NFN UV Meat Flasher and the bait head that is next to it. As far as i am concerned this is also a must have.

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