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MUCC needs help for GR show

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As of sunday i was officially put in charge of the booth for MUCC at the Grand Rapids Fishing show. My big problem is the lady that was running it in the past has fallen ill and no one can get the list of people that worked the show. I am asking a favor of any one on this board that would wish to help out. MUCC is vital in protecting our rights as outdoorsman. I am looking for volunteers that would like to come down and work the show. Your help would be going towards a great cause building the failing membership of the only group that actually fights for your rights to continue to use the Outdoors.

If you come down and work you will get into the show for free and either have time while there or after your shift to walk around the show for free. Typically the early shift gets the rest of the day to roam the show and a break while working to roam. The late shift gets a break and then the show usually dies off about 7 or 8 so you have the rest of the time. Basically all you are doing is talking to people about the outdoors and tring to get them to join MUCC. The schedule i am looking to fill is as follows:


open to 5

5 to close (i really need people during this time)


open to 5

5 to close (i really need people during this time)


open to 5

5 to close


open to 2

2 to close amd break down. breakdown typically takes 15 to 20 minutes

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for anyone that would like to help you dont have to be a MUCC member. IF you cant put in a full five hours anytime you can volunteer will help. Thanks

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