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1. These are amateur tournaments that are open to anyone who wishes to join the group and fish within the rules and spirit of the event.

2. The tournaments are open to any boat whose captain is a paid member of the Muskegon Summer Challenge Salmon Tournament (MSCST).

3. The captain of the boat must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

4. The MSCST Committee reserves the right to deny participation to anyone at any time.

5. Each tournament will have a $30 entry fee. $5 will be for the big fish, and $5 from each entry fee will be pooled for the port championship. Entry fee's will be collected at weigh in however if you check in at 6 am you are expected to pay, consideration will be given for emergency situations.

6. In the event of the cancellation of a tournament due to weather, all entry fees will be refunded.

7. There will be a 9-rod limit.

8. You are allowed to weigh in 6 legal fish (salmon and trout in any combination).

9. You may not have more than 15 fish in your possession. This is a 3-person DNR limit.

10. There will be no culling or releasing of fish at the side of the boat.

11. You must be checked in by the designated time or you will be disqualified.

12. Scoring will be the weight of your fish plus 5 points for Lake Trout, 10 points for Salmon, 15 points for Steelhead and 20 points for Brown Trout

13. In the event of a tie for total weight, big fish weighed will break tie.

14. In the event of a tie for big fish, total weight of fish weighed will break tie.

15.All boats will stage within the pier head prior to the 6am start

16.This event may be delayed or canceled due to weather this decision will be made prior to the start of fishing. A 3-hour fishing period will be considered a completed event. In the event the weather becomes too rough to fish the event will be canceled there will be no forced run in due to weather cancellation. Each captain is responsible for the safety of his or her crew and vessel. If the event is canceled and a complete fishing period has been reached weigh in will begin within 1 hour and 30 min of cancellation. We will make every effort to inform all involved of any intention to cancel if possible.

17. Check in will be at 01:00 with weigh in at 01:30 there will be a 2 point per min deduction for late check ins up to 15 min or 30 points. You must have a team member and you cooler at the weigh in location and inform a committee member to be checked in. If you use a slip you will need to make arraignments to be on time or drop off a crew member with your tournament cooler. All protests must be made prior to weigh in and given to Don Johnson or Jon Baker for their approval or decision as to whether a committee ruling is needed. Please keep in mind this is a fun event.

18. Every reasonable precaution will be taken by the MSCST to protect persons and property during the contest. However, neither the MSCST, tournament directors, officers, nor any sponsors are responsible for the safety of the persons or property of the participants as regards accident, theft, and damage by fire, vandalism, or any other cause.

19. All participants further understand and agree to hold harmless the aforementioned groups and individuals from damages incurred as a result of participation in the tournament in whatever form or manner said liabilities or damages might be incurred.


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All the rules look good. We look foward to fishing the tournaments again this year. I do have a question about rule #11. You may want to elaborate on the words "checked in". I can read this as:

1. a radio check in as you get in the pierhead

2. cooler check in at the weigh in

If the actual weigh in is at 1:30, do we need to be there at 1:00 to check in?

I thnk if you make this clear we wont have the issue like we had last year.


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I will discuss this with the committee. My personal thought is check in is at the weigh in and the time between check in and weigh is to allow guys to take care of their boats and be ready to weigh in. I would have loved to have it work out better at Dockers because my original thought was we would all weigh in at the dock then move up to the bar and do the awards have beer ect and call it a day. I guess part of the problem is Muskegon lake is so big that we don't really have a good central location to meet at. Another reason behind the check in and weigh in time is if there was a line at the ramp as long as you were waiting in line you would be considered checked in. Since several times we came in as a group being able to let a committee member know you are stuck in line will not cost you points or a DQ. Taking a chance on being late and losing points is a choice we all have to make. I really prefer this to having a end of fishing time and then run in time. We have also considered chk in at the pier heads but I think having Jon or Don check in the boats at the ramp is the best idea then guys who slip and choose to do so can drop off a member and the cooler and run to their slip. Since Patty will likely always be there early to check some one in as well. For you guys that will have to tie up for weigh in then being checked in while in line works as you can wait while the guys who have to load use the ramps and then come in. Also we need to consider keeping the ramp open as much as we can.

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We will clarify that bill. We want to check in at the scales

i guess to elaborate on this...we are just asking that you be somewhat timely..we dont mind fishing all day we just dont want to wait at the weigh in all day..we are gonna be "somewhat" lenient with this..there are only so many docks and there are gonna be guys that are "late"becouse they are in line trying to get to the dock..as long as you are in line at the dock youre considered good..obviously you come raging to the dock at 1:45 youre not

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