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Anyone have anything to report out of Erieau in the last week? Headed their Friday and Saturday.


I'll post a few links to steer you in the right direction.

Walleye are usually best at a 240 heading out of port in 50 to 60 fow.

There is a rock pile formed by glaciation along most of the shore line at that depth. From there you could head south to 70 fow and fish the mud.

Fish are generally suspended and go deeper as the sun climbs up from the horizon. I also always run one on bottom. I usually run crawler harnesses and the usual spoons. Stick baits work well but not so much for me.



Jeremie Brooks is always helpful!


Erieau Marina......talk to Jim Anderson

Like I said, I fish mostly west of port no matter where reports come from. When the lake kicks up I like a tail wind for heading back to port. Channel 71 mostly but some use 68 as well.


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thanks a lot that was very good information and much more than I expected. Were going to fish 2 days so hopefully will be able to cover some ground. I fished (240) out last year and did better than going east. thanks for the come back!


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