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First Salmon Trip of the Year

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A few weeks ago I headed north to see a friend. This report is majorly late because I just got home from Out West last night.

There was no way I was going to travel up north without getting some fishing in. My night was spent staying up and walking around downtown. Around 5 I went to bed, but sleep was hard to come by.


5:45 I was up and by 6:20 we were sitting on our fishing hole. We were jigging for Lakers and Whitefish. My buddy hit a fish right away and landed a nice whitefish. A few minutes later I got hit and landed a 5-6 lb Laker. We had a few more fish hit but couldn't connect in the 60+ ft of water.


Sleep was in order when I got back. I hung out with the friend for a few hours and then got a call from UBSLO1 that he was headed out trolling for Salmon. I couldn't resist the offer and was on my way to meet up with him. I took a little video of the trip.


The fishing really took of after the sun was down. We had 5 hits with 3 that stuck. Noah landed the one in the video. I hooked two big fish that took me for a ride. I had both of them to the back of the boat and they spit the hook right out of sight. Oh well...

The next day I got in 10 minutes of fishing and landed one small little rock bass on a crawler.

The sunset was amazing



While walking back to the truck I came across this which I though was pretty cool:


Then I drove home, got ready for out west, took a nap and was off. However, that's for another post.

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